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    Ghosts - Fun, Good But Bad

      This game is really fun and have good features and I like how smooth the game play is but what I don't like is the map size and campers. I was watching a video today saying how this game was meant for next gen consoles and that the PS4 version of Ghosts will allow 12v12 which is a lot better for the map size. But what I don't understand is why they would release this game for the PS3 knowing the maps are way to big and allows for people to camp? All I die by on a day to day basis is people camping which ruins this game completely for me. I don't mind 1-3 people camping but when you have 6-8 people camping then what's the point in playing the game when it's no fun? Now that I have wasted $60 for this game for PS3 knowing that know it's a waste because it was meant for next gen console they need to re think maps and add more maps take all these big maps out for the PS3 version and leave them for the next gen and add smaller maps for the PS3 because this game is awesome I have no problem with lag, spawning or dieing fast some people may disagree but there most likely dieing fast from people camping or them not playing tactically I love the smaller maps like octane, warhawk, Freight, tremor and strikezone even sovereign is ok but the rest are way to big and all people to is camp and leaves no room for fun. That's just my opinion but I think some or a lot of people will agree.

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          You cant control how others play the game, but you have full control of how you play. The real issue is what your doing is proving inefficient. Buff your game.

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            I heard it was because of all the customization options with appearances and how the server couldn't support all that with 18 player matches. They should make a big game playlist where at the start it goes "You look like X, X, or X.) Or make some smaller maps or import the MW2 or 3 maps with more avenues etc.


            I don't see the big deal.


            I'd much rather look like a generic soldier and have big games than silly customization options and small teams and big maps.

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                Well the video I was watching made sense on way there would be big maps for the next gen sense the capability of it would most likely handle 12v12 rooms better and explain why the maps are so big. But the one thing that got me is why make it for non next gen consoles if your purpose was for bigger rooms for bigger maps they should have made small maps for the ps3 and xbox 360 versions then when ps4 came out updated the game then. But I guess they didn't care only thing in there eyes were them dollar signs apparently sense they got the ps3 people moneys and xbox 360 members money. Just don't get it these days making a game clearly meant for next gen and they make it for pre gens with maps that are horrible. Or maybe I just suck like lzjar11 says