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    Run around a corner think your safe

      Have you ever ran around a corner and once there got shot at, no problem i`m already around the corner, (Guess not). Re-watch the kill-cam notice he missed your foot as it made it past the corner clearly visible but it Somehow still hit your foot, that`s one of those I hate this cheap game moments.


      Now were you ever with your team battling up hill and down holding off a position and get shot out while your teams still alive, yeah it happens well now you got to trek your way back to your team being spawned so far away it takes forever. Having enemies camping behind your spawn who saw you appear,  Yeah campers right behind you as you spawn only to make it more difficult to make it to your team.

      By then every one who was together is killed and separated now you got a team of solo vigilantes running around trying to regroup and getting killed.

      The point of that is they spawn enemies way to close to you and your team is to far.



      So now that's out I have two last things to discuss,

      The Field of View Is horrible for example you can be standing literally right beside and enemy and not see each other.  Now I know for fact in real life I would see the guy, I understand there`s a fine line between the two but common I want to see my team-mate beside me drop so I can kill the bad guy. It would be nice to have a marker point out your buddy just died.

      Last  but not least ,

      The announcer So very annoying, Have you ever tried listening to footsteps and then the announcer guy says flag captured, flag lost and then bang a guy comes out of no where after sprinting a mile all around you he kills you all because some imaginary announcer being annoying to everyone on the battlefield. I say good bye to stealth missions and hello to running around like a chicken with his head cut off. Tell me where is the option to adjust game voice volume or mute the announcer and such There is no freedom in these OPTIONS.