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    Does Air Superiority work?

      Called it in twice to take care of enemy helicopters, did literally nothing.

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          except for maybes 2-3 streaks the support streaks are useless

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            Air Superiority would be useful if there were any good air support scorestreaks to use it on.  The hind is a joke in this game.  Every time I get it I get 1-2 kills.  Scorestreaks are terrible in this game.  Maybe they nerfed them a little bit so that average players don't go in and get destroyed by people always calling in choppers and drones and things, but as an average player, it sucks when I finally get enough kills to call in a 9 or 10 scorestreak in this game because they're all garbage.  At least I can tell myself I got 10 kills in a row I suppose