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    Former "Rushers" looking for a new set up


      Ghosts is an AR/Sniper dominant game, really no way around that. The big maps and erratic spawn system just aren't conducive to old school rushing like other CoDs. After some toying around, I've come up with this set up as a pretty solid way to be able to "rush" like you used to.


      The class set up plays for the first 45 seconds of the video, then I kind of explain my choices over a gameplay with it. Feel free to watch that as well, its kind of dull and I fail a K.E.M

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          You do realize the only COD's that people rushed around like morons was MW3 and BO2 every other COD people actually legit sniped and used mostly AR's.  I have been waiting for a COD like this for a long time again, and I am extremely happy that rushers have no chance now.  And these so called big maps are the same size as the maps on COD 3, COD 4, W@W and some MW2 maps so there is nothing to be shocked about.  As you can see 3/4 of the games are IW games and they have always had a tendency to go with big maps.  The exception was MW3 which I didn't play anyways, so please don't be supirsed that snipers and AR's rule the game again.

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            I would deviate from going "rusher" and more of a constantly moving stealth class. Running like a madman won't get you far, there's too many vantage points and SMGs will lose to Ghosts' ARs. Instead go for stealth and take yourself off of radar. Use Dead Silence. It might not be fast paced like you want but it will be the most successful strategy you'll find.


            You never know, you can always evolve this idea into a more fast pace playstyle, but I suggest baby steps until you find your grove an learn.


            Also note that every map can support rushing. Whiteout is often thought to be an open map for snipers but I've found areas you can full on sprint and stay out of the popular lines of sights for sniper by using trenches and rocks. Learn these paths, each map has them. Each map also seems to have an express route designed to help rushers move about quickly and out of sight from one end to the other. You do have to incorporate some slower methods if you want to rack up kills, but you can still sprint most of the time.

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              I have tried slowing my self down on this game, trying to get used to a new playstyle and it has worked...kinda im getting the kills!! average 13-15 a game but my deaths usually average 18-25!! ha i dont tend to run out in the open i stick close to the walls but so many times ive been looking around creeping to a new part of the map when "oops the map just opened up and someone was lying in wait behind me there goes 5 kill streak" so from my experience its not all about rushing or "camping" its learning the maps finding the choke points the best way to move around undetected, while getting kills (im probably still the person getting killed mind so i am being quite hypercritical )