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    Wiimote Sniping


      The Wiimote controls in this game are near perfect.....however, there's something that Treyarch hasn't quite been able to get right since the Wii days......sniping. Sniping with the wiimote is a huge challenge...I feel like everytime I snipe, I have to tweak all my settings just to stand a chance.


      I need some help. Wiimote snipers, what are your settings? What do you recommend? BAROLB, I KNOW YOU'RE OUT THERE!


      Also....Treyarch....I beg of you.....remove the sway for wiimote...we have NATURAL SWAY, why do we have to suffer from in-game sway as well?

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          add floating scope, and seperate sniping sensativities, that is all i ask.

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            I've suggested that reg scope sniping should feel the same as regular ADS (without the ADS snap). Imagine it: no weird, delayed aiming when using reg scope or variable zoom. It makes sense.


            The beauty of this idea is that if enough of us support it, it may actually get implemented. We are in a unique position where we have direct contact with a dev who can put it in the game. All we need to do is agree that it's the best aiming method.