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    Clan recruitments?

      My friends And I need a fourth member of our clan. We are cool people and good at call of duty. We communicate a lot when playing and pretty competitive. We are in need for a fourth member to play. Also, we play Xbox, so if interested send message to these gamer tags: Aujra, Cpt Regret, or Cpt Shenanigans. Thank you.





      Must have mic

      Very cool and funny

      Mature please

      Descent player

      Just a cool person overall



      Thank you

      P.S. The clan is called DarKRising. Also in need of trickshotters and feeders (optional)

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          Re: Clan recruitments?

          This is the 2nd time you've posted Recruitment in the wrong subforum. A PM was sent to you last time.


          All recruitment and advertising of clans should take place in our GHOSTS CLAN RECRUITMENT sub-forum.

          Recruitment and advertisement threads posted anywhere else will be deleted on sight by moderators.


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