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    Barracks, Stats, Progress and Unlocks

      Firstly I would like to congratulate IW on an excellent game, I do have a few questions that you may be able to shed some light on for me.


      In previous versions of CoD there was a consolidated page detailing you current progress toward unlocks for all aspects (wpns, eqpt etc), this seems to be missing from Ghosts. I know that there are some details on the creation menu and some in the customisation menu and basically all over the place, are there any plans for this to come back to one place for ease of use?


      Unlocks, there are unlocks for wpns and uniform that currently say "not active" but there is no mention of how to make them active, I'm guessing its a rank related thing but why the secrecy?


      overall the game is good but these issues are spoiling it slightly for me as I don't seem to have any goals to work to, other than rank up, I would like to see the Barracks menu come back to the one place where you can view all information and progress with what is required from the player to unlock future goals.



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