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    Homicidal Gaming Recruiting SERIOUS Objective Players(X360)

      Homicidal Gaming was started about a year and a half ago and since then we are listed as the #1 fastest growing gaming community in the past 9 months (according to Enjin). We have  700+ registered members. You may say, well you guys accept anyone and everyone that has a controller. That is the exact opposite of what we do. Garbage clans do this to say they have numbers. We at Homicidal Gaming have the "numbers" and we HAVE the quality.

            We are primarily a +18 clan but make some exceptions to +16 and up but we are adult based. What does that mean? Basically we understand that even though you may be 30yrs old you may have the matruity of a 12yr old kid. Same goes, you may be 16yrs old but have the maturity level of an adult. Even though we are 16+ the chances of you making it into HG is very slim. I will say that up front. The gamers we have are screened based on skill and maturity. You may be the best gamer out there but if you're screaming into the mic and acting like a tool shed, I know of a ton of garbage clans that are recruiting. Check the majority of this forum for a clan that will accept you. At HG we have created a name that people know of and want to join. We are confident in what we have and are solid on our gamers skill level. A clan's skill recruits itself and this is what we do. No way possible to create a clan with screaming kids with .30 KDs who run around aimlessly.

           We are an ESTABLISHED community with several clans. We do not do the "tryouts" but you are placed with squad leaders who will, if you are salvageable from playing with all the randoms, get you linked with some awesome gamers. I've never seen a guy's stats not improve since joining HG. If you are remotely interested and looking for an awesome time with like minded adults hit me up and check out our site (www.homicidalgaming.com)


      My gamertage=HG ICEDTEA  

      Ghosts Clan level currently 14