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    What did they do?

           Im a pretty good cod player for being solo, I like trying all sorts of different weapons(and very good at all types), and up for a change in this game, but wow all you can pretty much use are AR and Snipers in this installment of cod. The game for me is only fun if using a AR but it gets old real quick. Feel free to post your problems here too and no reason to start flames either in here.


      -Every map is for snipers and assault rifles

      -Why the hell does marksman rifles have a burst fire? Way overpowered

      -Shotguns are complete crap mainly because it takes 2-3 shots to kill right in there face and slugs are terrible as well

      -Smg's Im sure they are fine in damage but you cant win against AR and Snipers with these maps granted the spawns being better would probably help this

      -The battle hind is garbage...the Sentry gun is 4x better to use than this

      - The dog is way to overpowered and takes 5x more bullets to kill than a player. Either increase the amount of kills needed to get or lower the health on the dog. How this KS screams pick me for campers.

      -Camping is just way more insane in Ghosts than any other cod I have played

      -I think there is a bug with the dog sometimes where it kills you

      -Why can you destroy your own sat coms? I can destroy my teams sat coms somehow but I got in a match where the score said tied but we had 0 points but the enemy had 2850 points, no time limit, in Team Deathmatch so that was wierd so I left that after 2 min

      -Die way too quick

      -The main freakin problem is the dam SPAWNING. I love getting killed in my spawn and spawning right next to the guy that just killed me...you would of thought I had a Tac Insert and boosting him.