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      • 10. Re: COD developers need to stop favoring camp tactics

        Way to go!  I just finally put a shotgun into one of my classes this morning and I can't wait to give it a go against human players.  Now that I know the maps pretty well, I shouldn't have too much trouble moving around without getting caught in too many long lines of sight and yet I should still be well within the action.

        • 11. Re: COD developers need to stop favoring camp tactics

          If you cannot kill campers, maybe "Hungry Hungry Hippos" is more your pace for a game.


          In all seriousness...


          As soon as someone gets shot by someone they perceived to be not moving, they are gonna complain. Whatever perk/gun/attachment they were using is going to be tagged as "camper friendly".


          Just like how you say there is NO MARKSMAN, which is a camper's dream perk.


          It amazes me that tools that are put into the game to flush out campers (TF, Heartbeat sensors, Thermals, Marksman, etc - none of which are required if everyone is out in the open) get tagged as "camper friendly" when a camper uses them.




          Trophy system:

          - excellent for the objective player PTFO, trying to protect themselves while capping a flag/planting a bomb.. or

          - camper tool to protect their tents


          you pick... and btw, your answer is wrong depending who you ask.

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            I see what the OP is saying.  It does favor that specific tactic.  Not to say it's bad though.  There's nothing wrong with that style of gameplay. 


            I just think these last two CoDs have been heavily favored in one direction or the other.  BO2 was an overly favored rushers' game. So now Ghosts went the opposite direction with all the things listed above.


            Without getting into all the problems with BO2, but in comparison, I think this game seems very slow.  I get that it requires more patience not to run around like an idiot.  But it does seem like more of a variation of Battlefield.  And when people buy a CoD, there's certain expectations with that. Which is, I want to run around and blast people and get these huge kill streaks with planes and choppers flying over my head.  And in Ghost, it's just not that easy anymore.


            Personally, in regards to game design, I think MW3 got it right.  For me, it had the most variety.  It's just no one saw it because it had the worst net code, lag, lag compensation, whatever it's called, out of all the CoDs. In CoDs from MW3, BO, MW2, I felt fully armed because of pro perks and kill streaks.  With the latest two games, I feel like I'm playing a stripped down version of CoD because I barely have enough points to equip half of what I used in previous games.


            In the end, it's not me who's designing these games so I have no say. And if you ever meet the people who work on these games you'll find them very attached to what they've made. They put in a lot of work so they don't take very well to certain kinds of criticism. The most common answer you'll hear is, "If you don't like it, don't buy it, and play something else." And man, do they sell a lot of games...

            • 13. Re: COD developers need to stop favoring camp tactics

              he just cant handle the bad kids........he is just another COD noob lol

              • 14. Re: COD developers need to stop favoring camp tactics

                Sorry to say that the post does sound like someone who cant adapt.


                First of all you said it right. They put camping into the AI so its a legit strategy.


                I dont know about you but my dog got our team the final killcam at the end of the round, so its apparent you dont know how to use something as simple as a dog.

                • 17. Re: COD developers need to stop favoring camp tactics

                  Easy solution make "Off the Grid" perk similar to how it was done BO2 with ghost perk, where you had to keep move to stay off the radar. Corner camping problem solved.


                  Just give campers their own lobby/gametype, team deathmatch or whatever, no minmap, 5 IED's and everyone gets the ghillie suit. Everyone is happy, i'm a genius.

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                    This isn't camper friendly seriously rusher get that out of your mentality every time I use my anti camping class I slaughter them and make them rage quit and dash board and I make campers call me names while angry lol.

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                      Whether or not he can "adapt" or not isn't the point.  He's right.  This game lends itself to camping.  I've never seen so many matches end because of the timer as opposed to the score.  That said I've been wrecking the **** out of people so adapting isn't my issue with it.  It's just not as fun as it could be.  Yes I have the skills to blast some little **** sitting in the corner and do regularly.  Still boring.  Carry on...

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