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    Sniper class setup

      Can someone help with my Sniper Class setup? Maybe you can tell me what I'm doing wrong. I usually run with an AR or Smg but since I want to go for the ghillie suit I've been going negative. 


      This is my Sniper Class setup:


      Lynx with Chrome lined and Thermal Scope with Snow camo

      Perks: Blind Eye, Incog, Off the Grid, Sit Rep and Resilience

      Strike Package: Sat Com, Ammo Crate, Ballistic Vests


      That's what I'm using right now, I was thinking of going with the ied but don't know what to give up for it?

      Or maybe I'm doing it all wrong Please help?

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          Re: Sniper class setup

          The Lynx and L115 are good enough rifles as they are that you don't need too much in the way of attachments. Maybe the variable zoom and FMJ (it helps with heavy armor wearers) but you should focus on perks and the where you picking to sniper from. Use lots of equipment to cover your flanks and work on moving around a lot but not far. Pick 3 or 4 prime vantage points near each corner of the map and work those spots. This keeps you unpredictable and garnering new targets.


          I'd consider myself a veteran sniper in CoD terms and I can tell you that staying in one area will lead to short lives and low killstreaks. Perks are also important so look into Specialist, I don't leave home without it.

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            Re: Sniper class setup



            The only thing i can say is: try try try!

            Try different weapons and perks, ech to fit different maps and your'e skills.


            Question for you: I want the ghillie suit also but i cant find the Chrome line attachment. Where is it? I have the VKS sniper rifle geared up. Thnks!

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              Re: Sniper class setup

              Primary USR. Attachments thermal or variable zoom and always chrome lined barrel for objective. killstreaks not important, you need kills with the rifle for it to count torwards the ghillie.  Most important perks are incog and amplify.  --and the VKS doesnt have a chrome lined barrel option because its built with a silencer. choose another sniper rifle and the option is there.--**edit** A good point zvers mentioned below. I used the MP-443 Grach with a silencer. In my personal opinion the PDW (3round burst gun) took to long to initiate the 2nd burst leaving me  hanging with a slight pause. I was killed a lot because of that pause.  The MP will shoot as fast as your finger can pull. just my opinion.

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                Re: Sniper class setup

                I dig the bolt action on the top right of the list. Great mobility. Also, OP have a good secondary. I use the three round burst hand gun with the quick knife attachment (great for lunge knifing). You need to be able to defend yourself in CQC OR when you relocate. Also, I always run with an IED when sniping. You need something to watch your back. Maybe try the Assault package since Riley will watch your back better than an ammo crate.

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                  Re: Sniper class setup

                  Thanks for your help forum members I've switched up my class setup slightly, I'm going to see how I do with it.

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