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    Great Class- Any input for those struggling

      In looking around, and trying many different things out as far as guns, attachments, perks, and streak arrangements I have come up with a few of my favorite.  In playing last night I shared one with a buddy I regularly play with and he quickly went from doing alright, to close to top of leader board and at least double every game. 

      Said Class:

      Primary: MR-28

      Attachments: Hybrid Thermal

                          Muzzle Break


      No secondary or tacticals ( could switch a 1 point perk for I.E.D, or my new personal favorite for fun- 9 bang)


      Perks: Ready up, Agility, Focus, Stalker, Hardline, Takedown


      For me stalker is not optional.  Need it.  I am starting to get to the same point with Focus.  Agility for speed, hardline for easier streaks( could be swapped for any other 2 pointer), and takedown being optional based on holding a tactical or lethal, and kinda just to take up a spot, add some kind of stealth.


      Would only use Scavenger if using specialist.  It is a two shot kill at any range, so probably wont run out of ammo, wouldn't waste a perk on it.  I try to keep the hybrid on the red dot, over the thermal, as it doesn't restrict your view, and you can still pick people off from far.  Switch to thermal to pick out of windows or really long, or dark lines of sight. 


      ( Let me add, I have never been a huge semi auto fan, as my trigger finger is maybe slightly over average, but for me this gun performs as good if not better than say the FAL from BO2 before patches) 

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          Another beast- although I would expect it to be nerfed down in the future.




          Any attachments really.  I prefer a red dot, as the irons are not great for me but if you can bear them congrats.  I cant. 

          Handle for me in non-negotiable.  This gun being a full burst kill, with a good amount of recoil and not extremely fast fire rate makes landing the first whole burst important.  You can miss some of it, and get more off if you not in face to face, but that delay and recoil in regards to one burst kills is the only down side.  It is not great at really long range, as some damage fall off and really tough to land a full burst over a long distance.  For SnR, or any stealthy play you can put a silencer on and not notice much of a difference( I didn't, only saw more drop off over range which already is noticeable, so not sure if because silencer or just the gun).  My SnR class is MSBS with red dot, handle, and silencer ( really can be taken off, since takes 3 points up in perks) .  No secondary, no lethal or tactical.  Stalker, focus, 3 attachments( if feel like you need 3), ready up or agility, and being a Hardline whore, I use it sometimes even in SnR.  Two people having that or even wire tap can make a huge difference in a game needing only two kills each to get a UAV.

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            Put the burst mod on the MR-28 and you can 1 shot people around the 40m mark. I like the IA-2 for distance shooting though, it carries damage further.

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                Will try that burst option.  With the muzzle break, it makes it 2 shot at any distance, so damage over range is less of an issue even though it has least damage of rifles.  Is the IA-2 with muzzle break 2 shot at any range, or does it lengthen the distance or even make one shots possible?  If so I would prefer that.  I think what appeals to me with the MR is probably the fire rate and clip size ( and still dropping in 2 shots regardless of range with muzzle break), so dead accuracy is not as big of a necessity. 

                I WILL BE TRYING THAT. Am messing around and trying to find the balance between what works for me in combination with the stats.  thank you

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                    I haven't tried the muzzle break on the IA-2 but it's probably a good idea to do so.  It's a two shot unless you get a headshot for a pretty good clip.  It seems to become a 3 shot right about the point where you'd be thinking that only a sniper could make this shot.  I'd imagine that the muzzle break would take you well into long range with two shot kills and who knows, it might even give you some more one shots.  I'll have to give the MR a try just to see how it compares.

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                        Yea unless the muzzle break gives the IA-2 alot of one shot kills, for me the fire rate of the MR makes the difference.  If you need three hits to kill at a range, the difference in time between your first shot landed, and third, for me is the difference between killing or dying.  Basically I do not claim to be super accurate.  2 hit kill at any range, 1 hit headshot, with 50 more RPM.  So unless the muzzle break gave you a considerable amount of 1 shots at close to mid range, I think it just makes it a preference of fire rate( which they aren't to far apart) and mag size.  But I am going to try it later, as an occasional 1 shot with a semi auto that fires pretty quick would be unreal.  Have to see.       

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                        I have more then 1k combined kills with the MR-28 and the IA-2 just into the burst and muzzle break attachments alone.



                        Faster reload

                        better hip fire

                        better ACC

                        Less damage

                        More bullets up to 8 kills a clip



                        Less ACC by a little

                        Farther carrying damage

                        Cooler sounding

                        Less bullets 6 kills a clip

                        Less recoil


                        I use the MR-28 on small maps and the IA-2 on bigger maps. I usually run 5-6 perk set ups because a secondary is worthless when you 1 hit. Ready up, Marathon, Quick draw, Focus, 3rd attach perk

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                      My try hard class is the Honey Badger with extended mags and front grip ( LAZER GUN )

                      No seconday

                      C4, no Tactical

                      Not 100% but im pretty sure my perk set up is as follows - Quickdraw, ready up, scavenger, hardline, sleight of hand

                      I use specialist with Deadeye as the first perk.

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                          Do you notice a huge difference using quickdraw?  It takes 3 points, and maybe I just didn't give it enough of a chance, but I couldn't really tell.  After stalker it was the first 3 pointer I bought and tried, as getting the drop on people in this game means everything.

                          Also, how is deadeye?  I havent tried that one, have read about it, but haven't made the jump.  Do you notice it melting quicker.  And using it in specialist, does your hardline make it less kills to get the 50% chance of increased damage?  I am assuming that you have to get the 4 kills( or 3 with hardline) after you obtain it ( after 3 kills to get the first specialist perk) to get that chance of increased damage?  Or since you are already on a 4 kill streak, does it just pick up there and give you the maximum benefit?  That was a doozy but I am curious.

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                          Last night I was running with this setup


                          FAD w/ RDS and Muzzle Flash Reduction (whatever that att. is called)




                          Dead Silence


                          Ready Up


                          PLayed nicely in Blitz, so I tried it in Dom - its great for flitting between flags, which kinda suits my ADHD approach to Dom

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                            If you're having trouble and you need a great all around choice for AR's, then definatley go for the ARX. The honey badger is good but the damage and range are lower than the ARX. Slap grip and silncer or a site etc. and you're good to go. A very easy to use AR with decent damage.

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                              You have a good class set up here.  In my circles we call it a supprot marksman build.  Generally it's a setup using a higher damage semiauto weapon to fight at mid range using straffing with the stalker perk.  Your set up quite good and you have the correct perks for it with agility, stalker, and ready up.  Focus some players who run these builds swear by, myself I don't use it all that often.  You are looking at a midrange speed accuracy build.  Your other perks are optional as well, but the build is a little open ended so if they are working for you stick with them.  Quickdraw, sleight of hand, extra attachment, and marathon would all be worthy perks to consider if you are looking for something else.



                              Equipment wise it comes down to how mobile you want to play and how badly you need extra slots for perks. I would go with C4 or maybe a throwing knife if you intend to be mobile, an IED if you want to camp or play objective modes. Tacticals run about the same, flash 9's or trophy systems would be your best bet.  But, you could leave the slot free for a perk.



                              Your weapon is suited well enough for the role, but you might be better off changing it to an assult rifle.  The Ak-12 or the FAD with the same optic and the single shot mod would suit the mobile version of your build better.  The single shot mod turns the assult rifles into 2 hit kill at closer ranges out to about 22 meters.  You would lose about 35% of your range and drop to a 4 shot kill outside of 45 meters. However, you pick up another 200RPM fire cap, go from a .35 second ads to a .3 second ads and get another 10 to 20 bullets in a magazine. The assult rifles also move slightly faster while strafing with stalker.  It might be worth considering over a marksman rifle.



                              The only other advice I might give you is to consider running a pistol.  A lot of players are learning how to make the rushing buils work now and a set of akimbo graches have saved my but on more than one occaions.  You might also consider the support kill streak option, as it would allow you to eliminate hardline from your load out.  You take what you want from this advice.  Everyone has different preferences and playstyles.  Good luck to you.

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                                  Great advice. I have currently been using the AK-12 and FAD for my mobile build. I usually use the silencer and RDS or extended mags mods. I have yet to try the single shot mod tho. Are you referring to the semi-auto mod or the muzzle break?  As for perks, I am currently using Quickdraw, Stalker (must-have), Off-the-grid, and the take wep out faster after sprinting (forget the name) perk. I may give up Quickdraw for something else if there really isn't much difference after changing the wep's mods.   Also, what are your thoughts on the Remington for the same kind of build?  I am also going to try Support instead of Assault now. I am just trying different things to see what works and have yet to really get comfortable, which could just be lack of playing time, but still.