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    The 55's Are Recruiting [PS]

      Welcome soldier, you are taking the first steps towards becoming one of the legendary 55′s. We shall point you the way but it is up to you to read, listen watch and learn. We are no ordinary clan I assure you and we have been rollin, rollin, rollin high across the world since 2007.  Our members come from all over the world with the nucleus being UK, USA  & Canada .... but all are welcome.


      We are very well known and respected throughout the gaming community and this is down to the activity and conduct of our brothers and sisters at The 55′s.


      We follow the 5 Star Ethos:


      1 – Loyalty

      2 – Friendship

      3 – Honour

      4 – Teamwork

      5 – The Eradication of nasty, ***** talking mincers


      Above statistics a 55 plays for the team not for himself but for the clan and his comrades. Statistics such as K/D bare no relevance here. We expect our soldiers to sacrifice themselves on the battlefield for the greater good of the clan.


      We are a fun group of gamers from all over the world and from all walks of life and have become over years more of a family than a clan.


      We arrange matches from the casual friendly’s to the more serious clan battles/leagues and everything in-between, so whether you’re a hardcore gamer or a relative newcomer seeking to improve your game you should be right at home here.


      So first things first:


      If you want to join the 55′s you will have to first Sign Up to the site with your PSN as your username. Fill out our Application Form with the following information. --== The 55's ==--


      (1) Your PSN name.

      (2) Your age. (You must be at least 17 years old)

      (3) Your main games of interest

      (4) Your country of origin.

      (5) How did you hear about us?

      (6) Do you have a mic?

      (7) Tell us a bit about yourself and your interests.

      (8) If someone invited you to join the clan, please state his/her name.


      So its up to you now .... dare you be different ..... dare you stand tall and be counted?