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    What gives with all the dashboarding?


      I haven't played for the last 4-5 days due to family and social commitments.  I got off work early today and was looking forward to spending a bit of quality time on this game.  First match I got in was about half way through.  We were behind, but we managed to narrowly pull out the win.  10 matches later and that game is the only one I had that actually went to a finish!  10 matches in a row and all ended at various points due to dashboarding.  Is it just bad luck or is this the norm now? Is anyone else out there experiencing these kinds of dashboarding levels?. 

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          not come across it yet mate...i guess your unlucky

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            This game doesn't punish dashboarding like Blops2 did... If someone is on a winstreak in Ghosts and they dashboard, their active streak is not ended. It does get reflected via your win and loss totals compared to your total games played, though. For example, you lost your first game, and then won 10 in a row, for a total of 11 games played. If you dashboard on your 12th game, your win and loss total stay at 10 and 1, but games played updates to 12. Lastly, your streak of 10 wins remains.


            I have noticed a ridiculous amount of dashboarding; it's almost to the point where I'm starting to not believe it's dashboarding and that people are just being kicked from games.

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              The main downfall to listen servers. You get the people who think that their stats have to remain high so they dashboard to attempt to save them (don't think it works anymore.) That or they know they are host and they do it just to piss the other players off.

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                When the games ended did it say "lost connection to host" ? if so then it might have been due to someone who was host and then dashboarded out causing everyone else to lose connection, or just lagged out because of server overload or something. I wouldn't doubt it was someone who dashboarded, because i see soo much people who dashboard its not even funny. I see at least one or two almost every other game. They need to punish dashboarders somehow, because soo many people think they are good and appear to be good, but only because they dashboard constantly. I for one hate dashboarders. I have a legit 2.4 kdr and 4.56 win/loss, and i NEVER dashboarded or will.

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                  it really sucks when you are about to win and then the game kicks you and says you lost connection. then you check recent players and realize that the host dashboarded and everyone got kicked. Really annoying to say the least and everyone gets a loss too :/

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                      The fact that everybody gets a loss for it is something that has pissed me off for years with COD. Surely they should have implemented something so if you get the "your connection to host has been lost" message you don't get a loss.

                      Although I guess Dedicated Servers will sort that problem but there aren't any on last gen systems.

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                      Take KD out of the game and lose 98% of dashboarding. Unfortunately you'd also probably lose 35% of the player base.

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                             Honestly that sucks to have that many games end by dashboarding.  I have had the good fortune of not having many games end by dashboarding.  During Ghosts, probably 5 out of 800 games for me.  During Blops 2, probably 2 out of 1400 games (one of which I was pubstomping with a party in ground war, and we were up 60-3 in Domination, so that's not unreasonable...). 


                             There should be a more active penalty, like if you quit from 2 games in a row, you're "grounded" for about 2 minutes.  A third time and it goes to 10.

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                          kustom shoota

                          I don't see how dashboarding should be punished, if the game allows you to enter a match late under ANY circumstances in that given game, down 190-40 etc, you should also be allowed to leave games as you please.


                          Doesn't everyone complain when something doesn't have a COUNTER?  Well, backing out is the counter to getting sucked into a game mid-way.

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                              Use the leave game button.  Dashboarding causes a lot of these network problems for you, me and everyone.  It's player inflicted not dev inflicted pain.


                              Even when the dashboarder isn't host, it will still cause problems.  Ever notice those games where you start with a full lobby, people quit and those slots never fill up?  99.9% of the time, it's because the people that left dashboarded.  The game doesn't realize dashboarders left and doesn't even try to fill the slots.


                              When players complain about issues that the players themselves are causing, I can guarantee that the devs laugh at us in the break room at work.


                              Food for thought



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                                  "When players complain about issues that the players themselves are causing, I can guarantee that the devs laugh at us in the break room at work."

                                  Yes to some extent.

                                  But I guarantee that dash-boarding/leaving games are tracked by developers and considered a negative reflection on the game itself. Basically, the more players leaving matches, the more players that are not enjoying themselves- both, the ones who left and the ones left behind with unfilled games. So, the employees may laugh, but I'm sure the company does not think unhappy customers is something to joke about.

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                                      Tracking people who use the Leave Game button maybe, but when you dashboard I don't think so.


                                      And I don't see how they could or would correlate any of that to unhappy customers.  I don't rage quit, but I have had to leave games because real life intervened.  I've never gotten a survey, so how would they know what my reasons for leaving are?


                                      I can say this, dashboarding isn't good for the network at all and it's not the devs fault.  It's the players, themselves, fault.


                                      I'm not saying don't leave the game, just do it in a way that causes less problems for everyone.  Use the leave game button.  If everybody did, we would all see less problems with playability.

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                                          Back in MW3 a lot of us talked about these issues with Ghandi. One of the results was the 5 minute ban seen in BO2. Why we did not see the return of the temp ban in Ghosts I can only attribute to complaints from ... the dashboarders. I see no other reason why they could not have brought it back. But that's not so central to this discussion.


                                          Toland is absolutely correct: There is no way to know why a person leaves a game. Let's look at this from the dashboarder point of view because that is where the larger issue lies. First of all, they can track back-outs and disconnects. But that's the most they can do. There is no way of knowing why a player left the match. this in mind, IW and TA were very reluctant to institute a penalty for people leaving matches. For starters, there is already a penalty in place for people that back out - they are scored a loss and they are not credited any bonus points. They keep whatever else the did in the match, but nothing more. After much discussion and consternation, a consensus formed that this was fair.


                                          That left disconnects the heart of the issue. In this area, IW/TA seemed even more reluctant to institute a penalty. The reason why? Because, while they could and do track disconnects ... they have no idea why the disconnect occurs. It could be that the player intentionally dashboarded. It could be that someone tripped over a wire. It could be that a construction crew down the street cut a cable. There's just no way to know why the player disconnected. Furthermore, the rationale went, only when the host dashboards is the game affected. While there is a way to know when you are host, most players neither know nor care. Even if they do know, is it fair for them to penalized for a disconnect but not penalize others for a disconnect? In the end, as I stated above, TA took a huge chance in implementing the disconnect penalty that we saw in BO2.


                                          So ... the bottom line is that Toland is correct - there is no way to know why people leave matches and the devs are able to track back out and disconnects ... but nothing more.

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                                    I haven't noticed any more dashboarding in this game than in BO2. I have probably experienced less in Ghosts thus far, playing core.

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                                      I'm seeing a lot of dashboarding at the end of a game recently...


                                      21 kills 1 death and W00SH it's disappeared... I'd be gutted if I gave a damn about stats...


                                      I mean I do give a damn, but I just enjoy each one at a time and keep my stats to measure my own progress...


                                      I'd like to see an option feature to keep your stats private built in...

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                                        What gives is the game makes k/d more important since it is the main stats shown in almost every game type. So people dash if they go negative to protect it. Since doing so still works when on a listen server.

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                                          I've definitely seen more dashboarding now than in BO2, so from my experience the temporary ban was more than likely help keep the number of dashboarders down.


                                          Last time it happened a couple of nights ago and the game started with unfair sides of 3 vs 5. Now I know from experience that it may not fill up the lobby or even out the sides. However, I thought oh well, I like being the underdog, because if I lose it was possibly expected, and if I win then great, we worked well as a team against the larger team. It was a close run game and we were leading it all the way until the last 30 seconds or so, then one guy on our team dashboards. Yep we ended up losing, but I didn't care and took the loss as a good effort and only just lost out narrowly.


                                          The guy that backed out was on a 22 win streak or something and it looked like he did it to preserve his stats. So I messaged him asking him why he dashboarded and mentioned it made his stats look fake and he just ranted on about his team mates being useless blah blah blah. So a sore loser who relies on his fake stats to make himself feel better about himself I guess.


                                          It's one thing leaving when you're dumped in a game near the end with the scores at total opposite ends of the scale (which I still stay in) to someone who dashboards when they were in the game from the start in a close match and waits until the last 30 seconds is obviously someone who can't accept they were beat in a fun close match.


                                          Geez that was long winded. What I meant to say was, bring back the temp ban

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                                            Yep, dashboarding is back to being par for the course. And people said probation was a bad idea, smh...