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    Cinema 3D + BO2

      I just what to ask devs : Is it possible to add support for Interlaced monitors to game ( or games in future ) to have 3D or Nvidia kill you for this ? I know one game that support it , it looks so easy ( it is a user opinion ).

      Thank you for BO2 , the amazing game, everybody knows it after 5/11/2013

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          Re: Cinema 3D + BO2

          Enjoy ,and you wellcome 1.233 plaers online !

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              Re: Cinema 3D + BO2

              I just bought a nice LG 27" monitor with Cinema 3D technology and found out that a few games support passive 3D .

              The main reason that it cross Nvidia 3D and Nvidia hardly resist Passive 3D because they invest big money in staff nobody needs, expansive and looks unhealthy . They lost , but can`t believe in it .

              p.s.I dont want you understand it as adverts ,

              but a game that support Cinema 3D is Retrovirus if you are interested.

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