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    Most awesome quotes you hear in the lobby…

      #1. Ready UP! (usually a squeaky voice)

      This one is truly amazing and takes the lead, don’t you think it’s a bit rood? I mean decent players say “Are you guys ready?”

      #2. This is my new account.

      “I have shotguns on my other account” "I didnt play for a week and got deranked", etc… Why do they have multiple accounts that they don’t play I have no idea…

      #3. “$#it---------------” "insert abuse words you desire beyond your wild imagination"

      I don’t know, some players just like to go in to lobbies and abuse players, screaming all sorts of curse words, yet again I don’t understand how this can be so entertaining for some.

      #4. Get out of my lobby!

      Ouuu god, Im sure I went to public lobby, hang on I did.

      #5. I am very good player, I got to round 24 with firestaff.

      #6. I want the Ice Staff!

      #7. Do you know how to build Ice Staff?

      #8. My highest round is 104 on Die Rise, how long did it take? Ohhh I was glitching so maybe 2hrs.

      #9. Keen for a long game?


      Keen to play to 50? Got the time?

      Yup easy! I will play till we die.

      What is your strategy after 40?

      Im just gonna shoot them with my hamr and gallil.