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    So ******* upset!

      I just picked up a copy of Black Ops 1 and I am one of the few who buy these games for the SP, I like them,simple as that. However when I play the campaign there are tons of audio problems, for instance I cant hear any of the dialogue during the game and when I pick up some weapons all I see is a huge crosshair.


      This is absoultely unacceptable Treyarch. You guys make more money then god and I still have to deal with this **** ? You think I wanted to setup up a account here ? No I hate forums. I have tried deleting all the content ( patches ) messed with my settings and still nothing works. I am on PS3 and I am about to do something really ******* stupid so please help me out here. I am very poor and I am lucky to even get a game once in 8 months and I picked this one up and only to have these problems.

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