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    There has to be a Glitch with the NAT types

      i have never ever had an issue with NAT types in ANY COD game until ghosts came out...DMZ,ports all of that were always open and i even did it over again with NETGEAR and Internet provider...i keep on getting moderate and strict and ocassionaly open if i keep signing back in so today i hardwired my ps3 and its the exact same thing..when i had it wireless and now wired i would slip in MW2 MW3 and Blops 2 and they were open except MW3 one time and i backed out then had open when i came back in,..i spent hours upon hrs with my internet company today and hard wired it and STILL made sure all my ports were open and everything...MODERATE,now tom i may get lucky and get OPEN i now other ppl are having this issue but now im hardwired and the same thing? i have NO prob playing at all or linking up with friends either and it runs great...can this be a glitch in game or server issues on activision?

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