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    I Need Input On My New Camping Loadout

      I am trying to do a break out build that's different, deadly, and helpful in winning TDM games. Here is what I came up with...

      Primary: Riot Shield with Portable Radar

      Secondary: K7 with Grip


      Ready Up






      If you guys don't know, there is Portable Radar in Ghosts but it comes as an attachment for the Riot Shield. I intend to use this build for ambushing people/camping. The radar of my Shield acts like MW3's Portable Radar and it have as much range. It's always on and I think the only counter to the radar is Incognito.


      I need your input and I need some people to test this out and let me know the viability of this build. I do not know if the radar also shows enemies as red dots on the mini map of my team mates.


      Use this load out to make call outs to your team mates and hold a choke point or any position.