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    Extinction Tips & Tricks - MEGA Thread

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          Re: Extinction Tips & Tricks - MEGA Thread

          here's some more tips that worked well for me:


          -all ammo will damage the hive


          -hypno knives do not work on Rynos


          -for the keep shots % above 75.00 or 50.00 and to do it easy just melee and let 1 alien get on the drill (so he doesn't move around) and walk up and shoot him once in the face for 100.00%, melee the rest of the time and you get your skill point.


          -You can just waltz through the level if everyone has the automatic sentry guns leveled up to 4 (each player can put down 2 for a total of 8 sentry guns!)


          -everyone should try and use the same Ammo for max ammo purposes considering you can only load 1 special and 1 regular, just skip regular and have everyone carry the same type


          -when a mechanic class plants the drill the drill has an extra 25% life (so when he plants it drill health will be 125%)


          -trophy systems deter and destroy the spit of the scorpion aliens


          -the electric fence in the city part is a life saver and usually makes it's own money back


          -the longer the hives are up the more aliens come out and the harder they get


          -place your sentry guns in a circle towards each other, cover the sentry guns and let them kill the aliens (and they also end up protecting each other)


          That's all I have for now, hope it helps you rack up some good bug hunting challenges, points, and fun.


          If you need help or want to get some good kills in with a team feel free to add me on PS3 - CYBIZZORG

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            Re: Extinction Tips & Tricks - MEGA Thread

            its  very simple play as a team and u will win  only strat u need

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              Re: Extinction Tips & Tricks - MEGA Thread

              Thanks for these great videos and also the tips that followed in the thread.


              I only decided to give Extinction a try today and I am very much lost, the information in this thread helps.

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