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    Wii Remote Aim assist Removed....Thoughtful solution(Sarcasm)

      I got so excited to see a update fixing all these game ruining bugs. But as I was reading the list of bugs fixed on the list, I couldn't help but notice Wii remote AIM ASSIST DISABLED. This is a huge disappointment for me as a wii remote veteran, and to all the people in the community who are competitive wii remote users. How is removing a fundamental setting in the game a solution to an "exploit" in the community. I am completely confused as to what the aim assist exploit is. The aim assist is identical to black ops 2 so I don't see where there is an exploit. But I know that putting wii remote players at a disadvantage is not a logical reasonable solution. I just don't see how an exploit in the game couldn't be fixed considering that in the past there has never been an issue with wii remote aim assist. Removing settings is a careless lazy effortless selfish way to cover up a defect in the game. Its just unfortunate that Call of duty ghosts didn't turn out to be the game I was expecting it to be. Already had to deal with game ruining bugs in the game from framerate lagg, server lagg and game freezes, and now I have to deal with being put at a disadvantage against other players. It wouldn't be so bad if aim assist was removed across the board for Dual Analog and Wii remotes but instead one is singled out. I will more than likely trade in this game if this problem remains unresolved and just keeping playing black ops 2.