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    Tranzit Easter Egg- Galvin knuckles, Venture groups, Secret audio files?

      I have been reading and catching up on forums for a lil over 2 months, and I believe that the Tranzit EE is incomplete although it seems majority of concurring opinion opposes.


      Before I go around punching things with the galvin knuckles, I wanted to know if someone has already tried punching everything, the signs day x/me/ TEDD, I have looked and couldn't find anything to specific on the galvin knuckles which I think are important due to the fact they are in such a random spot. Ive seen them pack a punched, but apparently  this was patched it was a glitch?


      But I figured people have ought to have tried this already, since i am so late in posting and completing all of the easter eggs in the maps.


      I understand lots of people have given up, but is there persistent groups on here that still venture, have ideas to test, I would be willing to help lend a hand and creative mind if there is some of the sort.


      Furthermore, I have heard there is audio files of TEDD saying "new route learned" not sure if this was a TROLL but does anyone have data on that or hidden quotes that were ripped off files? any confirmation. Its hard to find trustworthy sources. I have also read that Treyarch said there was no second bus already, is this true. Confirmed??


      Thank you for your time, this is my first post on here, feel free to leave feedback, also wrote my GT for any gamers that still hunt.


      GT- beerasaurous