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    TDM vs Cranked

      News Flash,A new game mode Called CRANKED to deter camping!!!Campers Complaining about other fellow campers. -Only playing TDM, but ZERO cranked Playlist Players after 12AM lol. COMMON SENSE play CRANKED!!!!!!!! TDM playlist (300) online Cranked (3) Wii want fixes and changes for lag, campers, wii remote, but all wii do is play TDM same mode since COD1. Developers see all we play is TDM on Wiiu so why fix what's not broken. Play the dam game quit whiiniing. Buy a dam Pro controller! its 2013 not 2006!!

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          Re: TDM vs Cranked

          Y use a pro controller? Thats nothing to do with what modes you play. The rest you said was spot on - infuriates me HAVING to play tdm as especialy in this game its sooooooooooooo slow and boring as hell, and levelling up in this game takes twice as long, so why do people play the slowest levelling mode? Beggars belief

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