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    Cod 4 Stat Reset Tool no sign in button

      My Cod 4 account got hacked leaving me with m9 only and complete stat reset. I only recently found the Stat reset tool but am having no luck. When ever i enter my gamertag and click the grey box nothing happens,no sign in box appears.

      I linked my Xbox Live account to the my support account and repeated. i Thought maybe if my Xbox account is linked already i wouldn't need to click sign in and my request would go through. However its been 3 or 4 days now with no luck. I tried to get in contact with the support team however cod 4 was no listed in the games so i couldn't get through to anyone.

      Any one have any ideas whats going on?

      Thanks in advance.

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          Same here!!! FIX YOUR **** IW

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            i had the same problem. its the browser your using blocking the sign in button that comes up after you type in your gamer tag.  Look at the top of your browser to the right  where you would type in a URL.  I'm using Google chrome so it might be different for you but for me there was a shield on the right side in the url, you need to click on it to "load unsafe script".  i dont know why it blocks it but once you click on it and the shield goes away type your gamer tag in again and there will be a button after the first that brings you to sign in with your Microsoft account info to verify and then it takes 3 business days. However i did it a week ago and nothing has happened, im tying again to day.  Hope this helps!