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    Multiple CLAN Function Issues (In-Game + App)

      Hello Activision Tech Support,


      I am having multiple issues with the CLAN functions of the game, both with the APP and in-game menus.


      I play on PC and have the Call of Duty APP installed on a Galaxy S3 (Android 4.1.1).  I submitted an Activision tech support ticket 5 days ago and no response so far (Case#02954003).


      I originally created a CLAN through the game (on game launch day).  I was able to access CLAN DETAILS and CLAN INVITES through the game.   In an attempt to correct the CLAN name (it was cut off), my STEAM account was unlinked, then re-linked, and a new clan was created (with corrected name).  Got the "you are the leader of ______ clan"  message, but in-game CLAN DETAILS & CLAN INVITES tab remained locked.  I re-tried with a different name, again, got the success message, with same locked CLAN DETAILS & CLAN INVITES tab.


      The next day, I installed the COD APP and was able to login with access to the first original CLAN that was created.


      Issues are as follows:


      1. In-Game, the CLAN DETAILS tab and CLAN INVITES tabs remain locked.

      2. APP search shows me as leader of 3 clans (all 3 I created through the in-game function).  APP gives me functionality with 1st CLAN created only (I was able to fix the name through the APP) but the additional two Clans remain in the system.

      3. APP does not sync fully with my in-game Friends list.  Only some friends appear in it. Manual search doesn't show some friends.

      4. Some Friends in-game reporting NOT getting clan invites (sent through APP).

      5. Some Friends receiving invites, but unable to join (either in-game or through the APP).

      6. Some Friends accepted the invite, but NOT showing up on members list in the APP.

      7. CLAN experience NOT being counted (APP shows it at ZERO) after several hours grouped with clan members.

      8. APP shows several CLAN members gamer tags as "CLASSIFIED"

      9. APP not tabulating some "CLASSIFIED" members stats in the CLAN aggregate.


      A response from support would be very much appreciated. Help with a fix would be more appreciated.



      The BRAIN