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    Who do I keep getting put in US lobbies or I host? No best search option?

      How does this game choose lobbies? Ive ALWAYS struggled to play in US lobbies (as does Pauly and the vast majority of UK players), so this game amazes me in that EVERY game I play I get stuck in a US lobby. My ping to the states is 400, so im like waaaaaaaaaay behind. I actually played a game last night, lobby leaderboard showed a bunch of 0.33 to 0.50 players, and me on 1.11. I went 0-33! I literaly never saw anyone, just gun flash as I died over and over. This is a HUGE disadvantge for players with high ping to the other side of the world.


      Also when I play in the afternoon UK time (so no US players online), I get host over and over, despite me not having the best internet. I never had this in MW3, and when im host my framerate drops, and my screen keeps freezing and jumping for fractions of seconds at a time, making it inevitable that I have to quit. Why does it choose me as host over people who clearly have better internet.


      Ive also read, but no idea if true, that the host lag makes their whole team lag, resulting in the non host team stomping the host team. I had actually noticed a good few games where 5 randoms all go big positive against 5 randoms who all go negative. And last night I played a cranked game, finished 100-0, the top 3 guys in the other team all went 30+/0, the bottom 2 went 0-0, and all my team didnt get a single kill, they where all like 0-16, I literally never saw a player, of again, just gun flash as I died. Next game was similair, the only diff was that 1 of the guys who went 34-0, was on my team, and went 6-24.


      Why no search choice ?