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    DirectX has encountered an unrecoverable error help.

      I Preordered Call of Duty Ghost and
      STILL haven’t been able to play it. When I try to run it an error pops up
      saying “DirectX has encountered an unrecoverable error”. I understand you need
      directX 11 and I have it. I have done everything in my ability to try and find
      a resolution, but I am still unable. Is this a flaw in the game? I have a
      pristine computer and am able to run all of the new games on it, BUT Call
      of  Duty Ghost. Now to the best of my understanding a large amount of people have been encountering this error, so I know im not doing something wrong. ALSO a large amount of people have had this
      same exact error with mw3 and mw2. I don’t understand why a solution to this
      problem isn’t found if they’ve had problem with previous games