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    LF Active and Competitive CB/BG Clan

      Whats up guys my PSN is DakYolo95 and i am looking for a good competitive clan that wants to be the top Dom/KC clan on ps3 (since there is no more gw). I am a good player who is mostly team support. I run the support package and can use assault if needed. I know the maps and callouts as for the maps.

      Stats(I dont have my ps3 on so this will be close but not exact):

      2.03 KD

      12 avg kills( due to infected and S&R)

      21 streak

      Win/loss of 2.15

      All stats are me playing solo or with 1-2 other people.



      I will be on PSN about 3 California(pacific) time

      p.s- I play everyday from about 3pm to 1 or 2am with occational breaks(No Life For The win)