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    People aren't as good as they think they are and it shows

      Ghosts is the type of game that shines a bright light on a lot of players that think they're better than they really are.  The majority of players that are complaining about the game are players that have gotten too used to Black Ops 2 with their spray and pray hip firing with an SMG across the map.  You can still run and gun in Ghosts.  If you're a skilled player you won't have any problems.  If you're player that runs around a map like a chicken without a head hoping to spray an OP smg and get easy kills then you're not going to have much luck.  The guns are perfectly balanced.  The SMG is good for close quarters on a small map.  I use a vector on strikezone and do very well.  The AR are good for medium to large maps.  The shotguns are only for small maps which they should be.  Thank god they're not OP like they were in MW3 and Black Ops 2.  The Assault Killstreaks are no where near OP.  This game is more gun oriented.  You acan't just sit back and camp for killstreaks and have your killstreaks do the work anymore.  I love this game.

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