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        Good points man, I am lucky most players who are matched in my lobby are within the same state I live. I hope for Euro gamers the addition of dedis improves your gaming.

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          I do the same, the game starts acting up I slow my movement down to a small area to avoid losing further.

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            They can improve certain things and definitely provide a more stable connection compared to a player hosted one because the host can start downloading porn any given moment while playing...


            It's understandable that since i live in a small country i cannot expect to get local matchmaking all the time and that's something i have to accept, but at the same time it's pretty ridiculous that people from the UK complain about playing with people from all across Europe too while their country is the largest market area for CoD here in Europe (or at least was, i haven't seen any sales figures for Ghosts but i think they sold 1,3 million copies of BO2 for the PS3 alone in the UK), and that i can still hop on to old dying games like CoD4 or MW2 and get host along with a great connection.


            It just seems to me that whatever they did with the matchmaking and netcode after MW2 is different and will probably stay that way, it might work well for others but for me it gives more inconsistent results depending on the game in question. Ghosts so far has not been the worst and i've had some really great sessions and very few unplayable ones, but also quite a lot of those sessions where the connection is not as good as it can be.

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              well just have to see what happens when the dedis roll out, i will say this, the hit detection is by far better then it was in bo2

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                I think you are all being quite condescending, and the "answer" chosen was not an answer, so much as an opinion that agreed with the OP.  So to get this out there, I've been playing CoD since MW, and have bought and played every single issue since then.  I love the series.


                As to the topic at hand; lag is an issue in this game.  Lag is an issue in any online game, let's just face it.  And when you watch the kill cam, and it varies from your actual experience by 1/2 a second, it's a big problem.  When you run completely around a corner and still die, that's the lag.  Think you've got skills getting kills this way?  No, you don't.  All everybody did was whine about not having dedicated servers.  But most of you don't understand what that actually entails.  At least with a P2P connection, people would be on more equal ground.  Now, your physical distance from the server makes a difference in your connection and directly affects the lag you experience. 


                You talk about the "better" hit box in this game.  I call BS.  When you're running perpendicular to a snipers line of fire, and they can get the kill while the hit marker is actually behind you; the hit box isn't right.  Not yet, but it is getting closer. 


                Camping, however, has always been a viable strategy in the game as far as I was concerned.  Run & Gun isn't the only way the game should be played.  Now though, R&G is all but non-existent due to the multitude of ridiculous little items on the map that stop you.  Running along and the way is clear.... or so you thought.  WHAM, you're suddenly stopped and out in the open because of a small rock on the ground.  So yeah, there is some work to do on this game yet.

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                  Right on Beast!

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                    This is why I usually don't play with mics either. I just play to have fun and see how well I can do. That's the point, isn't it?

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                      No one is questioning when someone experience latency, I go through it, and its probably safe to say we ALL have at some point. My thread was about the correlation in debating with those who "hate" the game, how these two subjects other wise not exclusive to them are used to justify some other reason they hate the game. Your response is quiet good though.

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                        That just seems to vary from game to game, player to player, developer to developer. Game to game, BO1 (the game I started playing CoD in) had the least lag, BO2 had worse lag than BO1 but MW3 had it slightly worse than BO2, Ghost so far "feels" like it has it the worst,,, for me. Player to Player, Even if you rocking the same setup this year as you were last year the new game will connect differently, for some it will be better and for other s worse, unfortunately everyone's connection situation will be different. Developer to Developer, now this may be fanboyism but it seems like people who experience very little lag on 3arc games have way more lag on IW games and vice versa...


                        Lag I've learned is a fact of online gaming. My problems in Ghost FEEL much worse than they have in any other CoD game but I think it's not just lag. It feels like the guns in Ghost kill faster, you take the exact same lag experience you had at either BO2 or MW3 and apply that to Ghost with it stronger guns and I think it will feel like it has HUGE lag even if in actuality it has the same. Until very recently I lived with a Strict NAT Type, don't know if that made a difference but I had pretty horrendous connections on MW3 & BO2 but the games were still playable most of the times. With Ghost TOO many instances occur where I am dead before I hear the shot, Sniper style only to find an SMG put three bullets in me.....


                        Camping is very real in this game, every game has it, it's a play-style but this game definitely feels like it endorses it. Not only is camping much more prevalent but the game plays at a snails pace


                        All I can say is that this is the first CoD me and my kids picked up and put down in the same week....

                        Well not completely put down but all I can sink into this game so far is about 15 to 20 minutes a day tops (2 maybe 3 games), after that the frustrations sets in

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                          generally speaking it seem that either Iw games work better for you, or treyarch games work better, for me IW has always played better for me, and I am loving the game.. minus the camping.. you are right that the game is slower, this is prob due to the camping because of the maps, and how now its not just a 3 way line of sight like it always has been but multiple... people are scared to move.. I do personally feel there are too many houses and crap to hide in in this game, but with that all said,im still having a blast playing FFA

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