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    Epic Fail -- PS3 Swapforce Purchased 3 times, returned 3 times

      It is obvious that Activision rushed this to market.  My 11 year old son, who is an avid Skylander enthusiast and was very excited to get his Swapforce for the PS3.  What a DISMAL disappointment not once, not twice, but THREE times over.  The first game worked for one night only.  Second morning, froze on start up.  Exchanged it for a second one.  This one froze upon start up.  Ok, two strikes and we did some research to find that there are proven issues with every platform.  My husband stupidly exchanged the second one for a third game, which also worked briefly.  What a TOTAL disappointment.  We took the third one back to the store and got our money back.  What a shame that this bug was not fixed during quality control measures. It seems that this is not the only problem with this game.  Every platform experiences freezes and loss of data.  Maybe next time Activision will take the measures necessary to prevent such an epic fail on what could have been a wonderful experience for young gamers.  Sadly, we will not be risking it again.  My son will have to settle to continue his quests with just the Giants characters.  Shameful, and an EPIC FAIL on the part of Activision.