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    COD Ghost Xbox 360 Online Lag!

      What is wrong with COD Ghost on the xbox 360? I have 6 mates who all play the game and we are all complaining about the horrible lag. The lag is more so obvious when the opponent suddenly pops up infront of us. Also where is the connection status bar? this use to be very handy to work out what to expect before starting a match. My NAT is open. Nothing is wrong with BOPS2 or MW2-3 when playing online, its only Ghost I'm having a problem with.

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          Re: COD Ghost Xbox 360 Online Lag!

          HI Izzyt,


          If you are experiencing lag, here are a few helpful tips to help optimize your network setup Activision Support .  You may also want to try using a wired connection to sustain the connection quality, establish a static IP address and port forward.  Here are the port numbers you will need Activision Support . If you assistance with port forwarding, please contact your ISP or the router manufacturer.  Additionally, you can see a status bar in the upper right hand corner just before the match begins.


          Thanks ^AH

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