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    Frankenreich ?


      Again, sorry if this has already been covered, but I have been noticing this name on many boxes all over Origins.

      Any Ideas or theories ? Perhaps maybe a clue to a future player. The boxes also have the Group 935 logo.

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          According to Google it means Frankenstein rich, don't think we can go with that lol.


          Its probably just a random German sounding name they came up with.

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            Looks like it relates to the history of the map. Frankenreich is german for Francai, the territory inhabited by the Franks in the early middle ages. I think it supports that the map is set in Verdun because the Franks were involved in signing of the treaty of Verdun in 843 and there was also the battle of Verdun during WW1. Both of these events took place in Verdun-de-meuse, Northern France. There is a hidden picture in Origins which shows an ancient civilisation, and there are also audio references from Samantha about 'the ancients'.  I'm guessing this is the link to Frankenreich.


            Where are these boxes on the map?

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                Yeah, the boxes do say Frankreich so I was way off, although the map at the start of the cutscene in Origins does show Verdun as the central point so it may still take place there. What's really strange is when I looked up Verdun, there was a link to a story about a real German soldier who fought during WW1. His name was Manfred Albrecht von Richthofen and he was a pilot in the 2nd fighting squadron near Verdun. To distinguish himself from other pilots he painted the whole of his plane bright red and was known as The Red Baron. I wonder how much of the zombies storyline is little pieces of history being slightly altered and retold.

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                hi! the name on the boxes is  Frankreich and not FrankENreich. Frankreich is the regular actual name of France in german. so in 1917 if the germans send supplies to France they write "Frankreich" on a supply box. as they wrote "Russland" on the boxes going to the east front in russia.

                PS: the first box i found is near generator 2 next to the airstrike grenades spawn location in the tank station.

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                  It's "Frankreich" not Frankenreich.


                  Frankreich is german for "France" so just the name of dat country with this baguettes and so on