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    [Veterans][VGC][Multi-platform] Veterans Clan Gaming

      United by service, joined by interest.

      The Veterans Gaming Clan (VGC) is now accepting applications for membership. We are looking for any prior service military veterans, of any branch of service, who enjoy gaming with like minded people. At this time, prior military service is required.

      Our mission is twofold: To establish a community of veterans in multiple games and platforms in a clan setting, and to provide resources to purchase and provide games/consoles to veterans in remote duty stations or in rehabilitation centers.

      Statistics are not our number one priority in recruiting future clan members. Our priority is to recruit mature individuals who can communicate and use team work to accomplish our goals. Stats and victories will rise as we continue to grow as a clan and learn together. Competitive play will not be required and is strictly voluntary.

      First and foremost we will respect each other, while also respecting our fellow gamer. Also, due to our cooperative play style, some form of mic headset is required. If this sounds like something for you, please feel free to contact me on Xbox360 gamertag DreadDuke, or join and post on The Veterans Gaming Clan forums located here http://forums.thevet...gamingclan.org/ . We look forward to meeting you all!

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          Re: [Veterans][VGC][Multi-platform] Veterans Clan Gaming

          As part of our charity mission, we have collected donations from our members and communities and have sent consoles and games to Walter Reed hospital. We continue our mission of giving every day, and have garnered support from a few businesses and community outreach programs.


          If you are interested in viewing some of the media coverage associated with us, please visit http://theveteransgamingclan.org/media-coverage.html


          Thanks for your interest, and we hope to see you soon.

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            Re: [Veterans][VGC][Multi-platform] Veterans Clan Gaming

            I'd like to restate our involvement with the community, both online and in the physical. We are here to provide support, emotional and physical, to all of our members and veterans as a whole. We have gained a charitable organization status and have sponsorship from a few companies to assist in our mission of giving.


            We do not ask that you have the best win ratio, k/d, or any of that. We are here to play games and have fun, and what better way to share our stories and laughter than a party of your fellow servicemen and women.

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