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    Call Of Duty Ghotsts 12v12 on Ps3?

      So I've seen and read and it looks like the Playstation 4 version going to have dedicated servers and more room for players fyi why the maps are so big.


      So with that being said will Playstation 3 Ghotsts also have room for 12v12 players for the big maps? If not why release it for the old console and not just for next gen?

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          no it will not. never has been capable of that. in fact, i believe the reason there isn't a ground war playlist is just that. the ps3 is being overclocked to the point at which it can barely handle running ghost. if you don't believe me go play LAN games or just play offline against the bots. we did this the other night due to our internet being out, and we still "lagged". it wasn't real lag in the way we see it a lot. it was frame rate buffering and stuttering that happened. but it felt just like bad lag on a crappy connection. i believe the ps3 port is the lowest form that this game has come it. it was def designed for the next gen consoles.


          the reason it came out for ps3.. is because the new systems wouldn't even be out when the game was released.. and do you think there will be that many people to even be playing the ps4 on launch as opposed to that many people who already own ps3. if they only did next gen versions.. the game's sales would be the worst they ever been. it was a business decision.


          the game will def be better on the ps4. but it is what it is.. and honestly there is nothing wrong with the game we recieved. it's levels above Black Ops 2 in both gameplay and mechanics.

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            The game is deffenity better then Blacks ops I just don't like the way they handled it with such big maps and not being able to have 12v12 or ground war kinda defeats the whole purpose of big maps. The game is smooth people die only thing I hate is the spawn points and maps just ruins the experience for me personally but I'll just wait till I get a ps4 and next COD comes out.

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              The thing I don't get is they say this game and console can't handle 12v12, but BF series has almost always been 12v12 with a lot more destruction and more going on in the maps ie. Tanks, Jets, Choppers, Jeeps, Humvees.  So COD should have no issues whatsoever on PS3 handling 12v12 I just honestly think Activision is to cheap to do something like that.

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                  I was wondering the same thing myself not only that didn't MW3 and Black ops 2 have ground war and the other COD series? I don't know or get company's anymore isn't the main objective to get more money and give the full extent of a product I mean if you make a game for next gen and is meant for next gen then push the release date do more to the game do more testing something but don't release a game meant for next gen and have b.s maps and game modes. Just stupid if you ask me.