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    2 in 1.  Couple of questions about specialist and prestigeing


      What happens when you get "specialist bonus"?  I have used it a bit and have figured out that your best to set up lower tiered perks first since that gets you to the bonus faster.  I have also been in the bonus numerous times and yet have no idea what it gives you besides the 6 perks you chose.  Maybe that is it.  I understand that specialist as it was in MW3 would be way OP given the available perks in this game.


      #2.  When you max out your soldier and prestige is their any reward like there used to be?  Or do you just move on to your next soldier?  Does everything you have earned for that squad member become locked again or does everything unlock for him?


      Bunch of questions loaded into one but I have yet to see the answeres to any of them.

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          1. you only get the 6 perks you choose for the specialist bonus. which is plenty. no way there should be any other reward as it would be entirely too OP. i believe u also get the bonus XP you get from MW3 but i honestly haven't paid attention to that.


          2. you gain the prestige symbol. your soldier keeps everything you have unlocked for him. you don't have to restart in unlocking things. which completely sucked all the fun out of reaching any prestige level. only thing you get is backgrounds. lame. this is one of my biggest problems with this title. why on earth did they take away all the grind ? idk. i honestly blame the new players for this. i thought the way it worked was fine and gave you a reason to play. honestly i see a LOT of people not playing this for it's normal game life. people are gonna get way too bored.

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            I agree about specialist.  It would be ridiculously OP if you got every perk.  I was more curious about the "something special" thing it says but I bet your right its the dxp.


            About prestigeing.  Man I completely agree.  I was thinking last night how bad I even missed pro perks the way bops1 had them set up.  You didnt just unlock the better version of the perk by wearing it you had to actually do something.  I only prestiged once in bops because I didnt want to have to pro out flak jacket and marathon again.  That made the guys who had done it have to grind a lot more.


            Each new game the last few years has made prestigeing easier and easier starting with MW3's pro perk set up and permanent unlocks which made prestigeing completely painless by #4 since I had used my 4 tokens on my 3 fav perks and favorite gun.  Then bops 2 was even easier since your gun levels stayed the same + a permanent unlock token + an extra CAC slot.  At least MW3 made you pick between the slot and the perm unlock.   Now this game essentially allows you to start over x amount of times but you can always go back to your squad member who is maxed out if you want.

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                completely agree with the pro perks. i miss them a lot. there was just way more sense of accomplishment in the old games. you got rewarded with better perks for using them for challenges. they said they were unfair... to who ? a person who didn't play the game ? and that's a problem... why ? pretty sure the most fan favorite call of duty games were the ones with pro perks and "over powered" things. unless you started playing cod during BO2 lol.


                and yes that in a nutshell is exactly what they have done. i think they are thinking about selling units rather then people sticking around to play their games. which has saddened me quite a bit. gaming in general has done this though. i believe for the past 4-5 years cod has been my absolute favorite franchise and i eagerly have awaited the new game by the time it is ready to come out. i notice that i am less and less excited now. and i play the games far less then i ever did. i max prestiged on BO2 simply to do it i believe. idk if i'm even going to bother on this one. seems like there is absolutely no reason to do so at all.

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                1. i have used the specialist and noticed that i didnt even get all the perks, and i  kinda disagree with that, it is no easy feat getting 8 kills in a row if your using a first tier perks or 15 streak if your using last tier perks, if the enemy allows you to get on such a streak the should be punished and you should be rewarded


                2. You gain a background after prestiging, the soldier you currently got to prestige will have all his classes, and whatever you unlocked for him, the next soldier you will select will have the loadout you select for him but then the squad points you have from the previous soldier carry over so you can just by all you want, each soldier has its own set of classes and its own set up levels until of course you until you reach master prestige that is

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                  I was wondering about the prestige too.  The urgency in getting through a few games to unlock stuff was great.  So that is all gone   I'm level 58 at the moment and have 119 squad points.......don't think I'll be playing the squad mode so they are pretty much redundant. 

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                      As it goes for newbs like me SQUADS is excellent training.Gives you the tools to attempt TDM in multiplayer ,i tried the 1st 2 days & got mullered every time i spawned,everyone was moaning about lag switch this & aimbots that,i think we just came up v players who were better lol.Plus the squads  SAFEGIARD incorporates some campaign bits like sniper chopper etc good fun ,albeit for someone comin 2 these games late,i loved the blops 2 layouts n the emblem maker,why they have gone backwards in this is a mystery,the "patches" & backgrounds are not at all what youd expect,lets hope the thoughts gone toward the DLC`s...

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                      Specialist is capped at the "6" perks (whatever number that you were able to select).  So when you get the bonus all you get is those 6 perks.


                      When you prestige (which is automatic btw) you get the emblem and background for that prestige.  Your squad points, operations and camo progress carry on to your other squad members but your perks, guns and attachments are locked on your new squad members.  You still have them of course on your prestiged member.