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    The dynamic map elements in Ghosts are a huge letdown

      It's kinda lame how they pumped up dynamic maps idea so much and then they just added one or 2 miniscule things to each one. Half of the things are pointless like the logs on Prison Break. They should have tried harder. I liked the dynamic elements in Black Ops 1, the zip lines, the elevators, etc.

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          Re: The dynamic map elements in Ghosts are a huge letdown

          Theres tons of stuff to interact with in the maps way more than we ever had before you need to explore more methinks

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            Re: The dynamic map elements in Ghosts are a huge letdown

            Oh, please. The game itself is another let down. Once again, its COD: Oh ****, we ****** up again.

            They've officially taken any last bit of skill out of the game. Sniping is easy to the point of being stupid, the bullet travel and firing mechanics are a joke, and most of the guns are so op'd there's no point trying to use anything else. Perfect example, the Honey Badger. Why the **** does a SILENCED GUN have such a high damage rating, fire rate, and accuracy level? This is worse by far than the sub-machine guns were in black ops 2.


            Up next, we have the Guard Dog. Just a whistle and this dog appears out of thin air right in front of you. And it sticks around after you die. It kills an enemy with 1 attack, from 10 feet away, and you have no ability to fight it off. On top of all that, there's the added bullshit of they take around 10 shots to kill, and that included HARDCORE MODE, but are killed by an ally with 1 shot. What ******* retard came up with this, and even worse, who's his idiot boss?


            And, of course, there's still the bullshit ability to toss c4 over a wall and detonate it immediately without needing the ******* trigger. Oh, i think i''ll just mosey on over to this wall that has enemies behind it, which i can see through with my magical see all enemies through **** ability, and toss this block of c4 over, and (double taps the square button) that's 2 more free kills for me.


            Once again, we have the Target Finder sight (black ops 2) but under a different name. This really needs no explanation. If you need me to explain why it's stupid, you're either an idiot, or you use it, can't win without it, and still an idiot.


            Headshots from shooting your target in the chest? I've experienced this more times than I can count. How is it I get a headshot when i'm clearly aiming at their lower torso?


            Severe lack of familiar guns. I noticed the L115 sniper rifle was the only thing i recognized from previous games. Seriously, is it really necessary to replace guns rather than just adding new ones in? Some of us really do miss the older, real life guns that used to be in these games. For instance, my personal favorite, the G36, is nowhere to be seen, whereas some other people may miss the classic M4 and M16, as well as the AK-47 (replaced by whatever an AK-12 is).


            And I still have yet to see a removal of map selection. Getting really sick and tired of having to quit matches because people only pick their favorite camping maps. I have yet to play over half of the maps on this new game because no one wants to try something they could lose on. REMOVE THE MAP SELECTION OPTION.

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                Re: The dynamic map elements in Ghosts are a huge letdown

                About the honey badger...yes it is very powerful. Similar like the peacekeeper in Black ops 2. on the release this gun was too good. Maybe they will patch it yet but I don't see why?! It's a good gun, just use it like everyone else does!


                The guard dog is actually a dog mode on steroids with a god mode attachment. If you kill an enemy across the map, this dog comes directly towards you and kills you! Strange!!! I need almost a full clip on HC to kill this dog. Very frustrating, especially when you're a bolt action sniper like me.


                About the guns, we are on a different page. I always like some new guns. but there are a lot of similar guns....


                Honey badger = M4A1 (MW3)

                AK12 = AK47 (MW3)

                Remington R5 =  similar to M27 (blops2)

                ARX-160 = ACR 6.8 (MW3)

                Bizon = PP90M1 (MW3)

                Vepr = FAD (MW3)

                vector = vector K10 (blops2)

                CBJ-MS = PM9 (MW3)

                K7 = MP5 (MW3)

                L115 = Ballista (blops2)



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                Re: The dynamic map elements in Ghosts are a huge letdown

                I would have really been disappointed if they added a bunch of lethal elements, I have enough issues with explosive barrels and cars. What would be very interesting though is if there were more map changing elements like on Strikezone (minus the need to use KEM) but a little less on the doom and gloom feel. Whiteout would have been perfect for something like an avalanche that made the cabins covered in snow to the point where you could climb on them. Chasm could have been in pristine condition but the buildings collapse little by little as the game progressed. 

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                  Re: The dynamic map elements in Ghosts are a huge letdown

                  I think being disappointed is related to expectation and in the case of interactive COD maps, it is extremely subjective as to how people view them. Being a COD veteran, I didn't see it as anything other than a gimmick to wave their "look, we do interactive scenery" hand at.


                  It's not the destructable landscape of Battlefield and that in itself is just a linear and to a degree limited way of presenting destruction or interaction.


                  From basically zero expectation (in terms of gameplay), it hasn't disappointed me at all. If anything, I think it's a minor positive.


                  However, if you were buying into the concept and your expectations hinged upon this I can understand your disappointment, it's very simple, basic and doesn't effect much. A glossy addition rather than a change in game dynamics.

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                      Re: The dynamic map elements in Ghosts are a huge letdown

                      You have to look how they marketed the "dynamic" map elements in the trailer. To a degree I think they made the gas station falling over far more of a big deal that it is. They even have a roof top being blown off which I believe I've found but it's such a pointless element that I don't see it as game changing at all like they try to play it off as.


                      In other words they said something was going to change how you play or look at a CoD map but it turns out to be pointless. When this was first announced the community offered tons of awesome ideas on how these map elements were going to work and I think if IW say those suggestions we would see something way more "dynamic".

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