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    The Spawns can't even handle 6v6, how will it even work with 12v12?

      I constantly get spawn Killed.

      I play with people who also constantly die after spawning.

      I know there's a slew of people who constantly get spawned killed, regardless of what game type they play.


      If your spawn system can't handle 12 people on a Map, or even 8 for FFA, how will it handle 24?


      I'm seriously curious to how bad things will be on the XBO version.  We haven't seen even a half way decent spawn system in years, and I doubt it will be any different on the Next gen version.


      Out of my last 10 FFA games, I've been spawn killed nearly 40 times. 8 of those were on one map, thats really sad for a game type that has the least amount of players per map than any other.


      It's honestly really Pathetic.