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    Do we really need next gen consoles for CoD Ghosts?

      I know it's great to get the latest gen consoles when they come out an' all that, but those bad boys ain't cheap.


      Given that CoD is pretty much the only game I play on console these days, I'm just not sure if getting a next gen console would be a smart move for me, or anyone else in my position for that matter


      I currently have an XBox 360 and looking at the plus points for the upgrade:

      1. Better, more detailed textures and better lighting on XB1 & PS4

      2. Higher resolution on PS4 - 1080p (XB1 stays at 720p)

      3. More players online (I think this goes up from a max of 12 to 18?)


      Now,  the textures and lighting are a definite plus based on the NG footage I've seen, however the resolution not so much, as I play pretty much exclusively on a 24" LCD gaming monitor. Even if I were to play on the TV in the lounge, that's still only 36" and we can't fit anything bigger in, so that's not gonna change. So, not sure if resolution is gonna make any real difference.


      The number of players might make a difference though, given the larger size of some of the maps. Playing cranked, for example on the larger maps can be difficult. Finding enemy players within 30 seconds isn't always easy. I assume that the maps were designed with the higher number of next gen players in mind. I dunno, maybe the answer is to increase the time to 45 secs or even 1 minute on the larger maps for current gen consoles.


      Anyhow, the thing is, when I'm deeply engrossed in frantic game play am I even gonna notice the graphical improvements?  And if they increase the time factor in cranked, or perhaps tailor the map rotation to smaller maps only for cranked on current gen machines, I'm gonna find it hard to justify a next gen console purchase.


      What do you think?

      Jimi Riddle