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    Activision Rewards system feedback

      I'd like to share some feedback on Activision Rewards system.

      First and foremost, as in any kind of similar system, workers of Activision, members of their families and any related personell should be excluded from participation by default.


      Take community moderats for example:

      they can come to your question, write a few lines of general info, which may be a secret to general audience but common knowledge among people related to Activision, mark their answer as "Correct" and close the question. They can do this 20-30 times and receive "rewards" giving them a huge leap in score (points), making their score unreachable for the general audience. What should we call that? Cheating. Because it is - access to administrator resource to gain advantage and promote yourself in the general "rank" of players.


      Based on this information, I believe community moderators should be excluded from general ranking, should not receive any points. Their "Level" should be a separate class, reserved for moderators (instead of a number it should say "M", for example, so they're easy to find in a topic).


      The general system of rewarding users for providing feedback (asking questions, answering them) is a good idea, since it helps keep the community self-moderated (or so I believe). But promising "extra" rewards is a bad idea: those rewards will have a limited use and some users will feel betrayed, which will, in turn, generate negative feelings and negative feedback from community.


      My suggestion:

      draw the line.

      Voice and write limitations of possible use of future rewards right away, don't hide it in User Agreement, don't keep it hidden from the user till the moment they receive (or not receive) any sort of reward only to find out they're "not eligible" to receive it. Make people certain they will, or will not, be able to receive some sort of reward for some sort of specific action. Don't make another blurry statement about future possible somethings.

      This should make things better in the long run.

      Thank you for reading.

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          Re: Activision Rewards system feedback

          Good feedback, thank you - we're listening.

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            Re: Activision Rewards system feedback

            Our stance as moderators: We grew accustomed to marking our posts correct/helpful over time using the elements provided by the forum prior to gamifcation of the site. We'll continue doing so when the context of the situation seems appropriate, but we're excluded from prizing pools that I know and I'm sure we'll opt to not edge someone out of something they deserve in the event that we are included. We're also looking to promote "helpful" or "correct" answers to questions which exist within the community. How exactly we'll go about that we'll communicate with the gamification operators. Concerns partially addressed on that one.


            Great feedback though. Inbound is a positive rating and a like for doing your part.


            Edit: Clarity. I accidentally a word.

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              Re: Activision Rewards system feedback

              Thanks for the feedback, YuriUA!! We are glad that youre liking the program so far, and concerned with how its going to work. As Foxy pointed out, points employees and moderators are gaining by performing normal functions arent going to edge anyone else out of anything. We are not in direct competition with anyone.


              Keep up the good work helping this community be an awesome and positive place.

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