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    over powered weapons?


      ive heard it for years "shotty noob" "sniper noob" ext. and ya ive said it myself but may i ask which weapon type you guys hate most and why? i personally hate any automatic. i mean common a 30-40 round clip and it takes anywhere from 2-6 shots to kill depending on the gun at any range if u know how to fire it >.< then u got the snipers omg its annoying i mean common u shoot them and there cross hair goes flying off target yet still somehow hit? but god damn the shotguns man turn a corner and pop! dead before you know it >.<. myself im a fan of the shotguns wish they were a lil bit more powerfull cuz i get hit markers all the time at point blank range and if i dont kill with my first shot im good as dead unless my opponet sucks horribly. what do you guys think?