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    probation -OR- dashboarding

      so when BLOPS2 came out, everyone and their mother(including me) had issues with probation. we lamented all the bad things about it. it was broken. it was fixed to be a little more lenient depending on where you are in the world i suppose. here on the west coast of the united states, i rarely ever got it. i had a few instances where i was put on 5 min probation out of the blue.


      overall, i grew to be ok with that system. in the later stages of the game, it was almost transparent. i never got it for the last few months of the game. conversely i never got dashboarded either and that was a good thing.


      now enter GHOSTS.


      since its release i have been in many games that ended up dashboarded. always in domination. i understand the frustration of being 2/3'rded into a spawn trap. no one likes that. but its rather simple. just leave the game. the K/D whores are out in full force. its frustrating because we all lose our match bonus. this early on in the game and with the amount of effort it takes to prestige in this game, its quite annoying. yes, you got the last laugh and dashboarded the game because you couldn't handle getting totally worked over. we understand you wanted revenge. we understand you wanted to keep your meaningless k/d intact. but in the end, you are just a bad player and we all know your k/d does not constitute how good you play when you simply remove your bad playing by dashboarding.


      i, for one, would rather see probation back. yea, we all hated it, but now that its gone, im missing its upsides.


      for the dashboarders, grow a pair.