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    A truly enjoyable gaming experience.

      So this morning i started up COD4, went into my favourites list, refreshed it and saw there were already some people playing on my all time favourite clan run server. I logged on and was greated by the clan members.


      Clan leader: Hey Draw, good to see you. It's been a while.

      Me: Yeah, I know, sorry I haven't been online much lately.

      Clan leader: That's alright man, we all have personal lives, we understand.

      Another clan member: No worries man, good to have you back. Ready to have some fun?

      Me: I sure am. Let's do some killing :-)


      I joined the game when it was almost over and the next map came up, Creek. One of my favourite maps from COD4. I was on fire and the clan members complimented me on some nice kills. One of the clan members ended my streak with a great shot.


      Me: Wow, nice shot man. Can't believe you made that shot from way over there. Well done.

      Clan member: Thanks m8. Can't believe I either lol :-)


      The next round some more clan memebers joined in and we had a great time, just a group of friends playing a great game and having fun. We complimented each other on great shots and when we accidentally spawnkill someone we say sorry. None of the BS you see in recent COD games, no lame dropshotting or bunnyhopping, no camping or intentional spawnkilling. Everyone plays fair and is a good sport when killed.


      For me this is the best COD will ever get. Why can't we have this in modern titles?