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    My clan and clan wars FAQ

      I am noticing a lot of questions out there about both clans and clan wars.  First and foremost I am NOT an expert on all of this BUT I have learned quite a bit as to be able to answer some of the questions I see out there.  If I am wrong about a subject please just post below to get the right info out there, after all we are here to support each other in all of this.


      1. I have a clan and invited a friend it is not showing up for them: I have had this issue, the only thing that I found works is just giving it a bit of time, eventually my members that did receive the invite and accepted the invite took them sometimes a full day to show up on my in game roster with the ability to wear the clan tag.

      2.  I have 4 clan members in the party, why can't I do Clan vs Clan: I have come across this problem only to find out that MY solution was to make sure everyone in the lobby was wearing the official clan tag, at that point we were able to go into clan vs clan.

      3.  How do I rank up the clan: You need a minimum 2 clan members in the party.  You will each earn 50 points for a game win, and 10 points each for a game loss.  The more members the more points you gain per win, if you run 6 clan members deep on a lobby you are earning 300 points per game win.  I do know you win more points for clan vs clan, I just haven't figured out how many yet.

      4.  It is showing random people in my clan: Only thing I can say about this is the kinks need to be worked out of the system, give it some time.

      5. How does the Clan Double XP work: My clan had recently unlocked our Double XP for 2 hours (level 10), this only applies to the ranking of the Clan NOT each player.  Unfortunately due to what I think is an error to the system we had a small problem with it.  The 2 hours starts automatically and most of us got offline when it began, since ONE member was still playing the countdown was ticking away.  Since you can not earn clan XP alone, you must be with 1 other person almost all of our double XP time was wasted away, be careful when you are about to rank up!

      6. I've heard about the "second screen" function of the game: Yes there is a second screen function to the game, the only way I have been able to pull it up was by using an iPad, my iPhone does not give the option to do this.

      7. How do I put on my clan tag: It's located in the customization menu of your soldier under clan tag, if you have recently joined a clan and it is not showing up, see number 1.

      8. Can we have say 3 teams of 2 all in separate lobbies all ranking the clan up: Yes, as long as they are all in the clan.

      9.  Can I promote people in my clan: Yes, the easiest way is to do this in the in game menu, Barracks - Clan Details - Triangle button - highlight the member you want to promote, this will give them the ability to invite people into the clan.

      10.  How will clan wars work: This is all speculation but from the snippets of information I have been able to obtain there MAY be 3 factors to how it starts: Clan Size, Clan overall KDR, Clan Rank. You will be put against 7 other clans on the "battle map" and must obtain and hold points indicated on the map. You will earn xp for wins and overall length of time you control a point. Wish there was more info at the time of writing this but that's all I've got.

      11. Gold level clan wars: Again more speculation, but I would venture to say that if you are the overall winner for the period of time in your clan war, when the next war kicks off you will be placed against 7 other overall winners (the gold level war) I'll call it, again this may not be the case.

      12. I did the pre register for my clan my roster shows X number but in game clan list is smaller: I have this issue and have determined that the players that you pre registered for your clan who do not currently have the game will NOT show up on your in game clan list.

      13. My phone app shows a member I select the name and a different member shows up: This is just a bug that needs to be worked out.

      14. My Clan shows all members at a 0.00 KDR: Again a bug that needs to be fixed on both the app and in game clan overview menu.


      I hope this helps someone out there, if there are any other tips please post below.