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    Clan stopped gaining XP

      My clan has stopped gaining XP starting on Monday after Double XP stopped. We only gained 200 xp points since than and have played with 6 people in a match over 200 times easily since than. Even if we lost every single game we should be gaining at least  2,000 x 6 right? is anyone else having this issue?


      1) Play any multiplayer game mode with 1 or more clan members (must be at least 2 clan members)

      A Win = 50 Clan XP per clan member in the lobby

      A loss = 10 Clan XP per clan member in the lobby


      2) Participate in the Clan vs Clan mode

      A Win = 100 Clan XP per clan member in the lobby(400 XP Total)

      A Loss = 20 Clan XP per clan member in the lobby(80 XP Total)

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          The clan I am in are having the same problem, we are stuck on lvl 5 with only 880XP to go till we get double xp for 2 hours!

          Apparently if your clan cannot gain xp it means you are under investigation.

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            Do you know how to activate the clan Double XP when you earn it?

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                The Double XP is activated automatically once earned. Nothing you do on your end.


                For those members that appear in the APP but not the console.


                1- these members need to be KICKED from the clan via APP.


                2- this will be a case by case issue.


                - Once kicked, pull that clan members profile in the APP ( do a search for player in the APP) Once you find them, scroll down on their profile and see if they belong to another clan. Odds are they have reverted back to another clan ( most likely a clan they created before your clan )


                - now that person needs to leave that clan. Next to the HELMET looking icon on the app ( to the left of it ) there is an icon they can click to leave the clan. They need to leave that clan. In some cases, it will put them in an older clan they created before that. That person needs to repeat steps and leave that clan.


                FYI - this member may show he does not belong to a clan even though he went back to an older clan after he leaves the first time. That's why I stated check his profile again. The App may take time to update this information. If his APP shows he does not belong to a clan but you check and see he does belong now to another clan, then have him close app and re open it. It takes time to update.


                - Once that member does not belong to any clan ( check his profile and make sure he does not belong to any clan on APP ) then send an invite via console. Then he will appear in both APP and Console.