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    Clan searching

      Hey I am 18 years old and from Denmark. I have created a clan but only two members so far. If noone here wants to join it I would love to be a member of another clan. So I am either searching members or a new clan. I play ps3 and my k/d is 1.63. I don't play that much Domination but all other gamemodes especially blitch, SAR, Free for all and hardcore mode. I have a mic if you are searching that. I play when ever I have the time.

      I also plays extinction sometimes.
      And I have already bought the Season Pass.


      Please subscribe to this message.


      PSN: zodiax15


      My clan is called "Eagle Assassins".

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          Re: Clan searching

          If you decide to join a clan, check out Veritas Gaming!



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            Re: Clan searching

            If you're looking to join a clan, you can join mine.


            We have around 40 members and are on a 190+ win streak. We play a lot of TDM.


            if you're interested, register at www.teamsweg.com and then message SkyArctos (PSN)


            We look forward to hearing from you!

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              Re: Clan searching

              Hey bro, we'd love to have you at Meet Your Owners. We have quite a few guys from the EU. They seem to be taking over the clan, lol. Tell u what, i'll send a few FRs your way. You can feel us out, and if you like it join up with us. Just in time for clan wars. Check out the site if you want myoclan.com


              MYO_Trav (PSN)

              Leader, Meet Your Owners

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