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      So my clan is growing really fast and really well but im having some roster problems people that are in my clan are'nt showing up on my in game roster but people who are on my in game roster are'nt showing up on my clan app roster :/ please tell me how to fix my members are loyal and would love fora solution as well

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          it is a bug only thing u can do is try remove them and have them re join i have done this with my clan and it has worked but sometime try the app have them app there i hope this help

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            An UPDATE for the APP ( iOS ) took place on 11/15/13 ( yesterday ). Update your APP. This update fixed the main bug of clan members being associated with other clan members names.


            After you do the update, check and make sure everyone is in both console and APP. If they are still not, then:


            One by one, make sure you are speaking with them, delete from APP and re add them to clan to make sure they are in both.

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              just type in search: clan roster and you wil find my work arround



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                See the 11/14 Update for #17 regarding this issue in this thread: Clan Issues and Fixes


                11/14 UPDATE: If the app says someone is in your clan but they really aren't, here's how to fix it:

                1 - Have the user Log into the mobile app

                2 - Go to the My Clan section

                3 - Click on the Leave Clan Icon

                4 - Log out of the mobile app

                5 - Repeat items 1-4 until you are no longer in a clan (they may find themselves in a few different clans)

                6 - Have the person invite you into the clan you want to join.