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    What do you want to see in Call of Duty 2014? (BO3?)

      I really LOVED Black ops 2, but sometimes I just wanted to facepalm Treyarc.



      Here is my wishlist




      -The way Ghost had their dom. flags in yellow if they were being captured

      - only 2 quickscoping snipers

      - a Only quickscope mode (in which you aim for 2 sec. it automatically un aims yourself)

      -Leveling up and unlocking in local with bots (for people without Internet)

      -dynamic maps

      -in Hardcore you will be able to look at killcams

      That's my wishlist so far... what do you want to see?

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          Re: What do you want to see in Call of Duty 2014? (BO3?)

          1) a NEW game engine. Not version 243 of a 1999 engine.  In 1999, ISDN (128k) was the internet king except for a few ADSL experiments in Canada and the UK.  The vast majority still used dial up. When your connection differences are limited to 33k, 56k and 128k, matchmaking isn't much of an issue since advantages are minimal.  With 384k to 100M today, we need an engine capable of rendering without handicapping.  An interview with one of the Devs at E3 revealed they can only do so much about lag due to limitations of the engine.  Until they can make the game playable, the content doesn't matter.


          2) Objective players should outscore non-objective players


          3) Maps that have areas that are owned by CQC weapons, areas owned by mid ranged weapons and areas owned by long ranged weapons with flanking options.


          4) map sizes and a spawn system that will ensure no spawn kills.


          5) Bullet drop.  If you want to run a pistol as a primary, fine, just don't expect to hit a target 100 meters away without aiming 5 meters above them.  This also requires a new engine


          6) No QSing


          7) delay before respawn.  Make you think twice about a strategy that goes 22-24 if the respawn wait times slowed you down to 8-10.  Play smart and go 16-6 instead, it actually helps your team. Why should the 22-24 player outscore the 16-6 player?


          8) Barebones.  Isn't a shooter supposed to be about gunfights?  Where exactly in your back pack are you supposedly carrying a dog kennel? Next to your AGP?


          9) No mini map


          10) If you didn't already hate me, wait for this one.  Get rid of perks. No marathon runners, no bat ears, no seeing claymores through walls, no bionic soldiers of any kind.


          In short, have a gun, have some real world attachments and have some gunfights and tactical movement.  You know, an FPS, not a duck arcade game at the fair.

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            Re: What do you want to see in Call of Duty 2014? (BO3?)

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              Re: What do you want to see in Call of Duty 2014? (BO3?)

              You mean bolt action sniper rifles because they aren't meant for quickscoping... They are meant to be used how any sniper rifle was designed to be used.

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                Re: What do you want to see in Call of Duty 2014? (BO3?)

                My List:


                1.Large maps with vehicles (and small maps too, don't want it too be too much like BF),


                3.More weapons,

                4.Longer campaign with the same "Your choices" style that BO2 had,


                I can't think of anything else =)

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                  Re: What do you want to see in Call of Duty 2014? (BO3?)

                  what would I like to see? I would really LOVE to see a level builder for MP that can be submitted to an online cloud storage. Players can browse and download maps that appeal to them. This idea would be the thing that really changes COD and sets it apart for the last couple games ( I love cod but let's face it, the last few gamed just feel like maps packs to me), for adding something fairly simple. Then treyarc can sift through the user generated maps and add 1 or 2 as bonus maps with each  DLC they release. This would in turn make the COD community feel more engaged with the franchise. I know that this would never happen but would be amazing if it did.

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                    Re: What do you want to see in Call of Duty 2014? (BO3?)

                    Sorry to be a heartbreaker but treyarch is not making the cod this year Sledge hammer games is its going to be a 3 year cycle: infinity ward, sledgehammer games, and THEN treyarch so yeah sorry to crush hope and all

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                      Re: What do you want to see in Call of Duty 2014? (BO3?)

                      i want same health as ghosts, no quickscoping, weapons like ghosts, more small-medium maps, same perks system as ghosts ( alot perks ), maybe scorestreak insted pointstreak, scavenger only ammo, no riot shield, and the most important thing is no lag ( good matchmaking system or dedicated servers)

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