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    Clan vKz now recruiting (top ranked players)

      Clan vKz (Void Knightz) is a newly formed clan, which features some top ranked players.


      • I am currently ranked 270 world wide in TDM (also a professional tier 1 gamer from other games, more info on my twitch page www.twitch.tv/elmosmybff)
      • GoldenMist86 is ranked 20 worldwide in TDM
      • other members with notable achievements such as steady 2.5kd's, tier 1 cs:go players ect ect.


      We have other amazing players but keep in mind we are new and need to start somewhere, so our roster is small but impressive so far.


      I stream daily, and we play to make a top tier clan (hopefully). We opened the clan in the past 24 hours and would like to start recruiting players for clan wars, ihl, gb, and scrims. We use raid call for communication and play 10+hours a day.


      I will be designing a website once the clan grows a little bit (I do web and graphic design for a living) so no shabby free crap sites here.


      We are looking for mature members to recruit, who are also good enough or willing to be tier 1 players with our training. We welcome all attitudes and personalities, but maturity and respect for every member is a must here.


      you can contact me via my twitch page www.twitch.tv/elmosmybff

      or on steam [vKz]t.tv/elmosmybff