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    Dual Render Scope vs Classic Black Border Scope


      Sniping in this game is pretty damn good.  You can actually play as a proper sneaky sniper again, and there are some incredibly long lines of sight.  Working from concealment you can take out multiple targets at long ranges while they either spin around in a panic looking for their assailant or make a mad dash for cover. 


      However, I'm not a huge fan of the dual render scope.  I was initially intrigued and excited by having some sort of peripheral vision because of the scope, but having used the snipers extensively I feel like the dual render scope is a bit of a glorified ACOG with a crosshairs.  There is much less real-estate inside your scope than there was in previous games and so you see much less of what's going while scoped than you did before. 


      What do you guys think? and who prefers the Dual Render scope over the Black Border Scope?